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Asian Geographic Issue 06/2019 No. 139

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The concept of food has always been one served on a plate (or bowl) selflessly, with a story to tell. Each ingredient and every process tells a tale of a home and a homeland. In this issue, we journey through the history of staple Asian foods, rice and noodles, and their associated dishes around the region. You may see stark differences as well as uncanny resemblances among dishes, and each dish will show you part of a nation’s culture and tradition. Our feature articles highlight the unique street food culture of Asia, and take you through the fascinating history and practice of the paan (betel nut) custom. And in case it all makes you feel a little peckish, we have also provided some inspiration for amazing restaurants, cafés, and other dining experiences for any mood, budget and event, so you can have your fix in any corner of Asia. Be warned though: your mouth will water and you may hear a rumble – from your tummy, of course. But we promise it will be worth the journey.

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