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The Lives of Gobies

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Featuring Asian Geographic’s latest book, The Lives of Gobies By Dr Klaus M. Stiefel, follow us on www.asiangeo.com.


“The Lives of Gobies” describes the biology and natural history of the one of the largest families of fishes – the gobies. There are many noteworthy aspects to their biology: they are highly diverse with more than 2000 species, and often live extremely short lives, of only weeks, the shortest known life-spans of all vertebrates. Gobies are also supremely well adapted to live on corals and sponges by matching their hosts in colour and pattern. Shrimp-gobies share burrows with crustaceans and communicate with them in sophisticated ways, while freshwater gobies climb hundred-meter high waterfalls. Finally, some very specialized gobies, the mudskippers, made the step onto land, like our ancestors in Paleozoic times.

Written for nature enthusiasts and scuba divers. The information is scientifically cutting-edge, but presented in an easy-going, readable format appealing to interested lay public. The text is complemented with many of the authors own photographs of these fascinating fishes, and goby shots by underwater photo great Marty Snyderman.

Dr Klaus M. Stiefel is a biologist, science writer, underwater photographer and scuba instructor based in Dumaguete in the Philippines, where he teaches at Silliman University.



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