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Asian Geographic Issue 04/2018 No. 132

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Draw inspiration from influential leadership icons, philanthropic champions, business magnates, science icons, cultural figures and sports heroes in our list of 100 astonishing Asians. Read about how plein-air drawing is gaining a strong following in urban societies worldwide in an age when instant photo feeds prevail. In ‘Microscopic Plastic Litter and Rivers of Filth’, we spotlight the issue of plastic pollution and how this environmental nemesis can find its way to your dinner. Find out how a Dutch man had a hand in writing history when he copied the Portugese’s closely-guarded sailing routes to the East Indies in ‘The Map That Opened Up Southeast Asia’. What’s your impression of Kama Sutra? Find out how it compares to the true identity of what could be the most celebrated yet misunderstood treatise on sex. See Singapore from new perspectives in Sony ambassador Michael Yamashita’s shots of the garden city, and view a snapshot of the highest and longest natural and man-made structures in the East and West.

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