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Asian Geographic Issue 01/2019 No. 134

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This issue’s theme coincides with ADEX 2019’s ‘a plastic-free future and is designated official magazine of Ocean Partnership Summit 2019. It is also the first issue that incorporates eight pages of our distinctive junior section, so that your young ones can enjoy articles on the same theme in the same magazine.

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Themed The Taste of Waste, issue 134 spotlights one of the most pressing environmental issues mankind faces — plastic pollution. We trace the history of this ubiquitous manmade monster and reveal some shocking statistics of our plastic consumption. Additionally, we discuss how factors like economic development, mindless consumption and poor waste management have led to severe pollution of rivers in Asia and how the plastic we discard is finding its way into our diets. Besides highlighting countries with effective waste management and recycling practices, we present viable solutions to our plastic problem in stories like Our Battle for Sustainability and Changing the Face of Plastic Waste. In the hope of inspiring you to mitigate the impact you make on the environment, we have included The Reality of Recycling Plastic that tells you the essentials of plastic recycling, Thinking Twice About Travel and You Can Make a Difference that both touch on our incessant demand for energy.

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